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Sailor Moon Movies R, S, SuperS DVD Box Set
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Sailor Moon R, S, and SuperS Movies

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All 3 Sailor Moon Movies

Sailor Moon R - Promise of the Rose
When Darien was little he gave a rose to a little boy named Fiore. Fiore promised that one day he would bring him lots of flowers. Now Fiore has come back to earth but his intentions are not merely to fufil a promise.

Sailor Moon S - Hearts in Ice
An unusual snow storm hits Tokyo and the Sailor Scouts discover that an evil snow queen Kaguya, wants to freeze the entire earth. It's up to the Inner Sailor Scouts along with the Outers, to defeat the Queen. Meanwhile, Luna falls in love with a human astronomer named Kakeru whose girlfriend is an astronaut about to take a space shuttle mission. Kakeru becomes ill and Luna wishes she could be a human to help him.

Sailor Moon Super S - Black Dream Hole
Everywhere around the world, the children sleep. Unaware of danger lurking in the shadows. But tonight, a strange darkness floats in the wind. The children, one by one, begin to disappear. It seems to be a supernatural force that feeds on their dreams. It is up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts to prevent the approaching Darkness.

Dialogue: Japanese UNCUT Special Edition/English
Subtitle: English on/off Interactive Menus
Number of DVD: 3


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